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Txintxo Harry ta ChristopheTxintxo por Tatu (chin-cho por tatoo) is an amorfous circus band from the Basque Country. Since their beginnings in the cabarets of Bilbao’s former squat Kukutza, they have brightened the north of Spain in street shows, galas, fiestas, festivals and circus conventions with their lively performances and upbeat melodies. They have written and recorded the soundtrack to two touring street shows: “Echadas a la Mar” (2009) for the female trapeze company Atropecias and “Vedemécum” (2012) for the company Debote Enbote.

txintxo por tatu 3“Vademécum” (HOTDROP004), available here for the first time, was composed and recorded over ten days in The Rath, Co. Meath, Ireland, by Harry Bird, Christophe Capewell and Patrick Durkan back in 2012. The improvised studio that was Mick Durkan’s front room proved the perfect environment for creating the musical accompaniment to the mad-cap constructions of the inventor-acrobat Gorka Pereira.

Echadas a la Mar album coverTheir first album “Echadas a la Mar” (HOTDROP003) features live recordings of original compositions by Harry Bird, who’s guitar was accompanied by fellow “Rubber Wellies” Christophe Capewell and Maria Blackwell  along with percussionist Itziar Rubio. The midnight session took place on the top floor of a carpenter’s workshop in Bilbao’s neighbourhood of San Francisco, after the show’s premier in Leioa’s prestigious Umore Azoka.

The ever changing line-up of the group has always been a part of its live shows. Along with the original composers the band has featured a whole host of musicians from Bilbao such as David Larrínaga (La Baldosa Flotante), Borja Dolara (Humanos Intentándolo), Samuel Cano (Terráqua Sonora), John Bolduan, Anton Calleja and Irene Gallego.